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Special Passenger Transport Regulations

Dear Value Passenger:

If you need to apply for special passenger services, please refer to the following process:

1.Restricted actions passengers

1.1 Passengers with disabilities who have boarding conditions cannot move independently on ground wheelchairs,boarding wheelchairs or other equipment and must not leave them unattended for more than 30 minutes.

1.2 The companions of disabled passengers shall declare the companionship at the time of the reservation and issue the ticket separately. Camboida Bayon Airlines should ensure that accompanying personnel and disabled passengers travel on the same plane. The companions should have the ability to take care of the disabled during the journey and assist in the evacuation in an emergency.

1.3 Persons with disabilities who have boarding conditions should clean the carry-over bag before handling the security check.

2.Wheelchair passengers

2.1 Passengers in need of wheelchairs must apply at the time of ticket purchase.
2.2 For passengers who are unable to walk up or down the passenger ladder or walk on the ground because of the limitation of the guarantee capacity, Cambodia Bayon Airlines are not accepted.
2.3 Passengers without self-care capabilities will not be not accepted by Cambodia Air Lines.
2.4 Cambodia Bayon Airline has the right to refuse carriage of wheelchair passengers without prior application.

3.Stretcher passengers

3.1 Stretcher passengers are not accepted by Cambodia Bayon Airline due to the limitation of the guarantee capacity.

4.Sick passengers

4.1 Cambodia Bayon Airlines does not accept use oxygen passengers.

4.2 A sick passenger must present a “medical certificate” on the company’s flight, except for physically handicapped

passengers. The “medical certificate” must be issued and sealed by the medical unit (referring to the hospital outside the clinic and medical center) within 96 hours before the sick passenger. The seriously ill passenger should have the “medical care” filled within 48 hours before the flight departure. prove". At the same time, it is necessary to attach the signature of the attending physician at the above condition. Medical certificates produced by seriously ill passengers (cardiovascular, cancer, acute trauma, etc.) must be valid within 24 hours.

4.3 Cambodia Bayon Airlines has the right to refuse carriage of sick passengers with unknown or indefinable medical conditions.

5.Pregnant passenger

5.1 Pregnant women passengers traveling on the company's flight should provide medical records that prove their pregnancy.
5.2 Pregnant women need to carry a certificate to prove that they have a pregnancy period. Pregnant women within 32 weeks of pregnancy are provided with a pregnancy test to prove that they can purchase tickets for normal travel. For pregnant women who are pregnant for more than 32 weeks but less than 36 weeks and they need to take flight, which have special circumstances. The “Diagnosis Certificate” stamped by the medical unit shall be signed in two copies within 72 hours before the flight and includes the passenger's name, age, pregnancy period, expected date of birth, voyage and date. It is suitable for boarding and on board the aircraft. Special care matters, after the company agreed to purchase tickets.
5.3 The following conditions cannot be carried by Cambodia Bayon airline:
  5.3.1 pregnant 36 weeks (inclusive) above;
  5.3.2 The imminent delivery date is near, but the exactly date cannot be determined. It is known as multiple births or is expected to have childbirth complications;
  5.3.3 Less than 7 days of childbirth, dystocia and premature delivery by the doctor's diagnosis should not take the opportunity.

6.Infant passenger

For security reasons, Cambodia Bayon Airlines imposes restrictions on the number of infants on board and each flight can carry up to four infants, including seated and non-occupied infant passengers. Infant passengers must be carried by an adult who is over the age of 18 and each adult passenger can bring up to 2 infants. If the adult passenger is carrying two baby counterparts, the baby ticket can only be purchased for one baby, and the other baby should purchase the ticket at the child's fare and use one seat separately. If an adult passenger carries infants and children at the same time, a maximum of 1 baby and 2 children are allowed. Cambodia Bayon Airlines does not accept infants within 14 days of birth and preterm infants within 90 days. Premature babies born over 90 days must present a Certificate of Diagnosis.

Baby free baggage allowance:
6.1 Domestic infant ticket passengers do not get free baggage allowance, but can carry appropriate foods, baby diapers and other travel en-route supplies; infants who pay at child fare can enjoy free baggage allowance for adult passengers; each infant passenger can receive additional free shipping 1 fully folded stroller or stroller;
6.2 International infant ticket passengers can get 10 kg of free baggage allowance, and they are allowed to carry a folding stroller or a cradle for free.

7.Unaccompanied Minors

Cambodia Bayon Airlines does not accept unaccompanied minors (UM) under the age of 12 for travel. Minors under 12 years of age must be accompanied on the same reservation by a passenger of 16 years or over who will take full responsibility of the minor.

Elderly services

7.1 The old man meets the following conditions before they can receive transportation. The elderly person should be escorted by the accompanying person to the place where the person is in the aircraft and arranged to meet and care for the person in the place of departure.
7.2 When the full voyage of the transportation includes two or more flights, whether it is carried by the same carrier or different carrier, at the flight connection station, the accompanying staff should arrange the personnel to pick up and take care of them, and provide the pick-up personnel. The name and address of the person.
7.3 If the elderly person's caretaker has difficulty in arranging personnel at the above-mentioned flight connection point, Cambodia Bayon Airline will not carry it.
7.4 Cambodia Bayon Airlines are not accept the elderly over 75 years of age .

8.Blind passenger

8.1 A blind passenger who is escorted with a companion is only allowed to travel with an adult passenger. The blind passenger is accepted as a general passenger.
8.2 Camboida Bayon Airlines are not accept passengers who are blind travel without unaccompanied.

9.Drunk passenger

9.1 As a result of being poisoned by alcohol, narcotic drugs or other drugs, it is obvious that it will cause unpleasantness to other passenger and cause adverse effects. It is a drunken passenger and Cambodia Bayon Airlines does not accept on board.
9.2 Whether the passenger is a drunken passenger, Cambodia Bayon Airlines has the right to make its own reasonable judgment based on the traveler's layman, speech, and manners.
9.3 In places where passengers visit the airport, for the drunken passengers who are drunk or who may affect the travel life of other passenger, Cambodia Bayon Airlines reserves the right to refuse the opportunity.
9.4 During the flight, if the passenger is found to be drunk and unfit for travel or impeding the travel of other passengers, the captain has the right to order him to disembark at the next stop.
9.5 The above-mentioned drunken passengers are refused to board the flight and need to refund the ticket voluntarily.



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