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With the unremitting efforts of CHINA AVIC Group and strong support of Cambodia government, Cambodia Bayon Airlines was established in April 2014, with its headquarter and main hub in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


As the first Chinese airline company that is established overseas and mainly operates Chinese civil aircrafts MA60, Bayon Airlines introduced brand new MA60 fleet, committed to building a demonstration platform of domestic aircraft overseas operation.


After 3 years’ development, Bayon Airlines has grown into one of the most distinctive airlines in ASEAN region. The route network covers three major international airports in Cambodia, and extends to Vietnam. It is the first airline that operates international routes with Chinese made MA60 under airworthiness certificate issued by CAAC. Bayon Airlines has launched five international and domestic flight routes, operating 3,685 flights and carrying 93,300 passengers by the end of November 2017. With premium service and operation, we are trusted and favored by passengers.


Since its inauguration, Cambodia Bayon Airlines has made relentless efforts on guaranteeing aviation safety and improving service quality. In 2016 Bayon assisted the State Secretariat of Civil Aviation in passing the ICAO audit and successfully aligned its safety operation practice with international standards. Bayon Airlines has accumulated more than 3500 safe flight hours, kept a punctuality rate of 98%, and created a record of nonstop operation all year round of the single aircraft.


Bayon Airlines emphasizes on talents recruiting and team building. It has an international pilots team, a localized crew team and a professional engineering and OCC team, who take the escort as their duty and make their best effort to guard each flight.


Bayon Airlines has always been adhering to the service concept of “FOR YOU, WITH YOU, ABOUT YOU” by providing safe, comfortable and convenient service for passengers. With comfortable cabin environment, tasty in-flight meals, convenient customer hotline, official website and global distribution channel, it satisfies passengers’ requirements from all respects.


As subsidiary of CHINA AVIC group, Bayon Airlines never forget to fulfill its corporate social responsibility while pursuing stable development. Bayon helps cultivate a large number of civil aviation professionals and contributes greatly to the development of Cambodia’s civil aviation industry.


In response to China's "ONE BELT ONE ROAD" development policy, Bayon Airlines intends to build on existing advantages while grasping the opportunity of a rising Cambodia aviation industry. Bayon Airlines plans to build a network that centers in Cambodia, covering ASEAN region . Committed to enhancing cultural and economical exchanges alongside the "ONE BELT ONE ROAD" region through air traffic services, Bayon Airlines is striding forward to becoming a major Asia regional airline company.



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